Youth policy

Special attention is given to the work with young people.
In 2007 new clause “About retaining of young professional community” was approved. In this clause the main privileges for young specialists are defined:
- specialists from other towns are provided with accommodation;
- one-time incentive bonus in amount of 25 thousand rubles for successive profession mastering is given in one year after the beginning of work;
- additional fee after one-year work in amount up to 35 thousand rubles;
- financial aid for the first annual holiday in amount of 2 minimum wages.
- assistance of administration in getting place in preschool institution and partial payment for child maintenance in a preschool institution;
- financial aid at marriage and at childbirth – 3 thousand rubles.
From 2006 the clause “About the competition for housing improvement right” acts. As a result 71 young specialists got new well-appointed 1-room and 2-room apartments.
At present time small-family apartments are given to specialists.
in 2009 – 4 apartments;
in 2010 – 4 apartments;
in 2011 – 9 apartments.
From the end of December, 2010 contracts for compensation of expenditures on credits for  purchase and building of accommodation are landed with plant workers. In the course of the 1st half-year of 2011 10 contracts were concluded.
According to the results of 2009 the youth organization of JSC “LEPSE” has been acknowledged the best one in Kirov region.
At the end of 2009 the enterprise took place in All-Russian competition “Employer of youth year: engineering skills for innovative Russia” directed to widening the best practices of choosing and immersing talented youth into engineer-innovative branches of the country and support of activity on career guidance for engineering specialties. And in January 2010 the general director got the letter from Federal Agency for Youth Affairs and the participation certificate.
Every year young people take part in the regional sports contest of young specialists of enterprises and organizations of Kirov region. In February on the base of our plant enterprises of Kirov and Kirov region took part. The sports contest included five sport types.
According to the results of all competitions the team of JSC “LEPSE” took the first all-team place.
At the beginning of March it was the 35th time when the participants of our ski landing troop “Red carnation” went to hike along the honorable places of our region, they visited Orlovsky and Kotelnichesky regions with concerts.
In April International forum of young workers “Gold staff of the XXI century” took place. In this forum young representatives of JSC “LEPSE” took part. Within the limits of the forum presentation places of organizations dealing with youth of enterprises from other regions were organized. Regional competition “The best specialist” also took place among young specialists and workers on 10 professions. In 7 professions the team of JSC “LEPSE” took prize places. At the base of 49 department competition “Processing engineer” (programmer) was held. The competition was organized by specialists of production manager department.
In May workers took part in meetings and demonstrations devoted to the day of Spring and Labour and to theVictory day.
As usual the competitions in water tourism technique are held. Lepse workers taking part as part of tourist club “Camelot” showed good results. Regularly team “LEPSE-Erudite” participates in intellectual games between working young people of Kirov region.
On the 25th of June at support of the plant administration and administration of Oktyabrsky district the team of young people from our enterprise took part and got the first prize in competitions organized in honor of the youth day in Pobeda park.
From 18 to 25th July the first international youth forum “Engineers of future” was held in Irkutsk region near Baikal lake. In this competition Lepse workers participated.
In July one-time incentive bonus for successive mastering of the profession was given to young specialists who had worked at the enterprise not less than 1 year. Those who graduated from high school of full-time studies got 20 000 rubles, those who had correspondence courses – 10000 rubles. In total 23 young specialists got the bonus.
From 18 to 21 August youth group consisting of 26 persons have been visiting international air show “MAX-2011”.
To achieve the aims in the area of quality and creation of conditions for assistance to innovations staff motivation system exists.

Awards and bonuses:
- presenting to awards by local and public awards;
- giving the honor of  “Lauriat of the plant award in the name of A.S. Bolshev”;
- due to the 50th jubilee and retirement;
- in correspondence with the stated norms the titles “Labor veteran of the plant”, “Honorable veteran of the plant” are awarded;
- presenting to getting of Russian title “Labor veteran”;
- placing the photos of best workers to the alley “Labor honor”, stand “Best production workers”, including in the book of honor and awarding with enterprise honor papers;
- annual results line of the competition “The best worker on profession”.