Veterans council

In veteran organization of the plant about 5000 people are on file, this number includes 10 members of the council and 120 trade union organizers. The main aim is social protection of veterans –pensioners. The work is carried out in accordance with living areas.
In accordance with order No364 dated 15.12.2008 “About preparation and conducting of the 65th anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War” precious presents, premiums, state and plant memorable medals are awarded to 1317 participants of Great Patriotic War and home front workers. In 2011 on the day of elderly people 4266 veterans of the enterprise got presents and premiums.
Invaluable assistance is given to non-working veterans from the collective of the enterprise under the direction of the General Director Gennady Aleksandrovich Mamayev. Every year the following events are held:
- 20-25 individuals rest in sanatorium “Mitino”;
- the enterprise spends 400-450 thousand rubles on free meals for needy veterans-pensioners;
- if there is a necessity houses are provided with fuel: coal, woods – 60-70 persons, the sum is about 60-70 thousand rubles;
- the plant allocates money for apartment repair – 50 thousand rubles;
- financial fund for heroes of anniversaries is ensured – up to 100 000 thousand rubles;
- gold and brilliant weddings are celebrated;
- money is allocated for the following events:
- Victory Day;
- Defender of the Motherland Day;
- Elderly Citizens Day;
- for partial payment for medical treatment of eyes and dental prosthetics;
- for ritual services.
Veterans participate in all events which are held by “LEPSE” plant, Oktyabrsky district, the city and the region.