Personnel policy

The main purpose of personnel policy of JCS “LEPSE” is inviting and retaining of the personnel who is competent, motivated and interested in reaching the aims of the enterprise.
At present time taking the specialists to the plant is a reasonable process which is reached by planning of the staff according to the requests of the heads of departments. Due to the inner search the decreasing of financial expenses for inviting new specialists is observed, personnel reserve on positions of managers and specialists is formed. At outer search when specialists are applied the preference is given to the graduates from educational establishments. Besides, cooperation with the city job centre is set.
In the course of the last five years management team of structure departments was filled with young specialists. As heads and deputy heads of shops (departments) the following number of specialists younger that 35 years old was appointed.
In 2009 - 12 persons;
In 2010 – 6 persons;
In 2011 – 4 persons.

Culture palace “Rodina”
- rest days “All family to Rodina”;
- evenings of rest at holidays;
- in 2008 communicating club for single workers “Positiv” was created;
- competitions among young workers “Star “LEPSE” by name” are held;
- competition “Profavia leader” among activists of trade union movement;
- talent show;
- festivals of Club of the Funny and Inventive teams of Kirov region.

Sport club “Rodina”

- annual sports contest among shop and department groups is held;
- subscriptions for attending different sections are provided;
- city hockey team with ball “Rodina” is supported;
- healthy days among leaders and trade union leaders are held;
- plant tourist gathering is held.

Children resting camp “Rodina”

Workers’ children are sent to the camp on favorable vouchers during three shifts.
Sanatrium “Mitino”
- favorable vouchers for 14 day-rest are given to the workers and their children;
- the possibility to spend time at recreation centre. 

Tourist club “Abris”
- participation in tourist gatherings of different level;
- unique landing troop “Red carnation” organizes agitation hikes to the places of battle honor in Kirov region.

Public catering department

New concept of workers’ meals under motto “Culinary traditions and modern civilizations”.

Information-exhibition centre

- organization of excursions for persons concerned;
- organization of various exhibitions and constructive meetings.